When running an online business it is essential to keep your customers happy because with a click of the mouse they can leave your site and purchase a similar product elsewhere. Studies show that there are many elements involved in the conversion process from graphic design to the actual purchasing process but the most essential part of the user experience is that customer service that the client receives along the way. There are numerous software programs that can manage the workflow but none compare to the enterprise help desk by Freshdesk , the only customer support service that gives your support agent intensive to give the best service possible. The bottom line is that good service results in happy customers and more sales.

Types of system software

If you are familiar with the computer then you must know that it runs with the help of various softwares. Not what exactly is software? Well the easiest answer to that would be it is a set or a group of instructions which takes the help of the system hardware and in return gives the output which the user wants from it. Now softwares are divided into 2 categories. They are:

  1. System software
  2. Application software


Talking of system software they are responsible for controlling, coordinating and managing the operations that are done through the hardware of the computer. One of the most important functions of system software is that it creates the platform for application software to work. In other words they become the interface between the application software and the hardware of the computer thereby concealing all the physical functions that are dome by the hardware. You may ask about the various system softwares that are available in the market. Here are the examples of a few:

  • Device drivers
  • Operating system
  • Basic input and out system
  • Compilers, assemblers and linkers
  • Database management system

Normally the function of system software is to convert and translate all the inputs taken from various sources into machine language. The more technical part is done by the operating system which organizes the different hardware components of the computer. In fact the system software is the most important part of the whole computer because it protects all the individual software applications that are there in the computer. Along with all this you can be sure of one thing and that is since the system software acts as the interface it will protect all the physical components too. In this way you will get a both side protection that would help your computer to work more efficiently than what it normally does. There are various operating systems that are there in the market. Some of them are as follows:

v  Windows

v  Linux

v  Unix

v  HP-UX


These are some of the most popular and they are in demand all throughout the year because of their ability to work both in difficult and simple conditions.

Linux operating systems

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Before you buy a computer you must decide which operating system your computer should have and as the trend shows people have selected Linux since its inception. With advancement in the technology and with great capabilities Linux has become an essential operating system for many. Benefits of Linux operating system   When there is so much demand for this operating system, then it certainly means that there are many advantages of using this. Here are some of the benefits of using Linux as your operating system: ü  It is available free of cost as you can download the full software from the internet and then get it installed in your computer. ü  As an operating system it is powerful enough and has the ability to outperform Windows operating system in various ways. ü  Since this is very stable there are less chances of freezing or crashing down which the other operating systems have. This narrows down the chances of formatting your computer frequently. ü  With Linux you will get a whole lot of software and that too for free. As the development of software is going on something new is being launched every day and it has already reached over 20000 and the best part is you will get them free of cost as they can be downloaded from the internet. ü  After every 6 months there will be notifications for upgrading your system and this is also available for free. In fact if you want any updates for the new releases then also you will not have to pay a single penny. ü  You may think that there might be threats of virus attacks or from hackers but that is where Linux is so unique. You will not need any kind of antivirus or firewall protection because the operating system is made in such a way that the hackers would not be able to figure out the process of hacking and by the time they do there will be another version which you can upgrade. ü  If you have Linux then it is one of the wisest decisions because it is very user friendly and you can easily learn to work with this operating system within a few days.  

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Application software definition

The definition of software is very simple. It is a set of procedures, documentation and programs which performs various tasks in the computer. Basically the software in the computer acts as the brain of the whole system. Now software can be divided into two categories. They are:

a)      Application software

b)      System software


Application softwares are those that are designed in such a way so that the person who is using it can perform multiple tasks with it. Be it any kind of text manipulation or graphics or numbers or simply a combination of all these things an application software will be able to find a way for all these problems. Following are some of the examples of application software:

  • Media development software
  • Content access software
  • Product engineering software
  • Infrastructure software
  • Entertainment software
  • Educational software
  • Simulation software

Procedure Of Developing Application Software

The ways and means of developing application software is similar to the process which the normal development of software follows. Here are some of the steps that are discussed below:

Planning- this is the first step and here the demand for a particular service is discussed so that the management understand the utility of the software that is about to be made.

Designing- this is the second step and the most important one. After the plans are set the developers make various debugging and testing for the software which they have decided to build.

Testing- once the development of the software is done it is the responsibility of the developers to test it first before they launch it so that there are no disputes while working with the software.

Implementation- this stage comes after the software has been launched. Basically this is a review stage where the developers get to know the response from the people who have used this software.

Maintenance- this step is extremely important because the developers must proceed with the work they have done and that will give new versions of the same software with new features.

Termination- this stage comes when the software has got out dated and people are no longer interested in sing that software anymore. It marks the end of that software’s life.

Virtual server hosting

In order to make your website available to the World Wide Web it is important that you take the help of web hosting services. Now, what the web hosting companies do is it provides the customers with some space and a server so that he can work with his website in whatever way he wants. There are various kinds of web hosting services and they are as follows:

  • VPS hosting
  • Managed hosting
  • Dedicated hosting
  • Cloud hosting


Among all these VPS hosting is the best as reviewed by people. This is because of the service which it provides and at prices that is hard to beat. This is a latest addition to the hosting services and it has already got a huge amount of popularity.

Features Of Virtual Server Hosting

There are many reasons why this service has become so popular in such less time. Here are some of the features that will give you a better idea of this service:

Ø   The physical servers that are used in the data center are divided into certain patterns of multiple virtual servers. What they do is they reflect the hardware that is attached to the system so that connection becomes a lot faster.

Ø   The data that is stored in the virtual machine cannot be shared with anyone else which the other services have in common. This is very unique about this service because you would obviously not want to share your information with anyone else.

Ø   This service has its own server, bandwidth transfer and operating system. This helps the user to maintain the privacy with the work he is doing.

Ø   VPS hosting is one of the most cost effective services that you will get in this web hosting services. If you compare the prices of the other services with this one then you will see a marked difference in their price.

Ø   The VPS hosting is normally divided into another two types of services namely dedicated servers and shared hosting. Both of them are equally good with their services but their operating systems are different from each other.

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Free utility software

It is in human nature to prefer a thing which is given to them for free and that has happened in the case of free utility software as well. If you search the internet you will find many software that have the option of free download. But the question is which ones are reliable and which ones will actually help you.

Best Free Utility Softwares

Be it an antivirus or something that hands your emails perfectly there are various softwares that come to you for free but they are very essential to us because of their functions. Here are some of the best free utility softwares which you can download from the internet for free and install them in your computer for your benefit:

Ø   Avast Antivirus- People often have a doubt as to whether the antivirus which is there on the internet as the trial versions will be reliable or not. Well, if you have tried and tested the antivirus of many companies then you must know that they cannot stop the various kinds of virus that are there. The main reason is that they save the best for their customers after they buy the one year service package or any other available package. But if you install Avast antivirus which is available for free on the internet, then you will be able to get rid of all the viruses, spyware and malwares. In fact people have said that it can remove Trojan viruses too and that is quite something for an antivirus that comes free of cost.

Ø   Mailwasher- This software is best when you have regular usage of your email id. There are times when you see various spam emails in your inbox. Once you install this software in your computer it will check each and every email before it enters in your account. This software also has the ability to bounce an email back to the sender if you want.

Ø   Izarc File Extractor- There are times when you have to extract various files from an email and this software is the best for that purpose. It has the ability to extract any kind of file from any format.

Eminence DESIGNER SOFTWARE Box Design Software Development

Eminence DESIGNER SOFTWARE Box Design Software Development

Eminence DESIGNER SOFTWARE Box Design Software Development

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Understanding Operating Systems

Understanding Operating Systems

Understanding Operating Systems

  • Coverage includes the fundamentals of operating systems: what they are, what they do, how they function, how they can be evaluated, and how they compare to one another.
  • Technical topics are discussed in a not-so-technical manner, allowing students to grasp the complexities of standalone vs. networked computing systems.

Now in its Sixth Edition, UNDERSTANDING OPERATING SYSTEMS continues to provide a clear and straightforward explanation of operating theory and practice. As in previous editions, the book’s highly-regarded structure begins with a discussion of fundamentals before moving on to specific operating systems. This edition has been updated and modernized; now included are enhanced discussions of the latest innovation evolutions (multi-core processing, wireless technologies, PDA and telephone operating systems, and Blu-ray optical storage) and how they affect operating systems. Revised Research Topics in the exercise section encourage independent research among students. Content in the final four chapters has been updated to include information about a few of the latest versions of UNIX (including specific mention of the latest Macintosh OS), Linux, and Windows

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Darice 35745, Knife and Server Set, Faux Crystal

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FatTrack PRO Digital Body Fat Management System with FREE Composition Tracker Body Fat Tracking Software Reviews

FatTrack PRO Digital Body Fat Management System with FREE Composition Tracker Body Fat Tracking Software

FatTrack PRO Digital Body Fat Management System with FREE Composition Tracker Body Fat Tracking Software

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